Sunday, 3 November 2013

Good @ Games

Which of these three boys takes your fancy?

The Good, The Bad or the Fantasy?

Jessica Chase has her hands full. Determined to keep her head down at her new school and concentrate on staying out of trouble this time, she finds herself constantly distracted by her feelings for not one, not two, but three totally different boys.

The Good Boy: The gorgeous geek, assigned to help Jessica catch up in class. He's clever and yet he doesn't know how handsome he is.

The Bad Boy: Dark and dangerously easy to fall for, Jessica tries to steer well clear, but being constantly thrown together makes it tough to keep away from temptation

The Fantasy: After receiving an internal school email meant for someone else, Jessica starts to chat with the sender, he seems like the perfect boy, funny, smart and clearly confident, Jessica begins to wonder if he can really be so perfect or if he should stay a fantasy,

Hi lovely readers, as you can see I'm getting stuck into writing another book. But I truly haven't worked out the ending yet! I genuinely haven't decided which way Jessica should go... Which boy would you want?

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