Sunday, 17 November 2013

Can you donate a short story?

Hi all
A new anthology is looking for stories. If you have some spare short stories in the hard drive then here is a chance to do something worthy with them, or write one especially for the anthology!
Basic details:
The good cause is Wallace and Gromits Grand Appeal, which is a children's hospital charity. They do so many different things to help sick children, you can check it out here if you wanted
So obviously no one gets paid for their stories but you do get a marketing opportunity as each writer can add a tag line and a link to their other work at the bottom of their story if they want to.

The name of the anthology is “Something For The Journey” which is the second book of an intended trilogy of story collections with the endgame being an omnibus with all proceeds going to the charity. There is the possibility of an annual franchise series and every book is open to all writers so there are multiple opportunities to be seen.  Everyone is encouraged to mention the book on their facebook and webpage as well as tweet the news so that, in theory, we cover a good deal of ground.

“Something To Read On The Ride”, the first book, is now on sale in paperback and kindle if you want to get a feel for what’s needed. The target audience is anyone in the world who likes to read while waiting for or riding on a train, bus or a cab to or from work. That’s potentially millions of readers from kindle alone! Now it's a known fact that anthologies don't sell as well as novels but we're still talking hundreds of thousands of short story fans out there eager to read YOUR stories.

The rules are simple.
 1 All writers agree that Stella Wilkinson is the editor and has final word on all entries.
2  Stories to be roughly around 1,000 words, though a bit more or less is fine.
3 Any topic and any genre is accepted, though nothing too violent or erotic as it must have mass appeal.
4  Email submissions directly to me as a Word attachment to:  Any questions please do ask!
5  If you happen to have two stories please send them but just one each is fine.
6 There is room for a few excerpts from novels in progress as long as they are self contained though short stories are best.
7  While everyone will retain all rights to their stories, we’d appreciate it if you allow it to be exclusive to the anthology for at least six months before submitting it elsewhere- where of course you’ll need to let the new publication know it is a reprinted work.
8 NOTHING can be already published on your blog or webpage or even a critique group or as a first story/prequel reader enticement for a series.

 Deadline is December 11, 2013 so start typing!
Any questions please do ask!
Stella Wilkinson

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