Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Amazon have put up an Author Page for me :-)

Stella Wilkinson lives in Somerset, England, UK
She says: I write because there is nothing I would rather do. I expect most writers feel the same. There is nothing as satisfying then to get lost in a world that you love, far from reality, and you just hope and pray that others enjoy it there as much as you do.
My little world at the moment revolves around a group of teenagers at Boarding School in England. Mainly their romances, after all what is more fun than that?
I'm currently finishing Book 2 in The Flirting Series, a trilogy and possibly more if the readers like it!
I love feedback and comments, so do watch this space! Follow me on Twitter: @fantastyscribble
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Book One: The Flirting Games, will soon be followed by Book Two: More Flirting Games, then Book Three: Further Flirting Games, will wrap up all the current storylines. Keep your eyes out for the Trilogy Edition coming soon!
Personal fun fact: Books are more precious then diamonds to me. My desk is in a room filled with shelf after shelf of antique books that I've never read but I keep collecting because the view of the spines alone is inspirational. To be fair most of the antique books look pretty dull inside, they have titles like 'Bridleways of Somerset'. These days, when I read, I use my kindle. My kindle is the item I would save from a fire.

Getting Book Two Ready plus paperback proofs!

Sorry I havn't blogged for a while but it has been a mad scramble here at Wilkinson Towers to get Book Two: More Flirting Games ready for release. It is with it's editor now who is doing final edits before putting it to bed.

Also on the exciting news front (for me anyway) is that Amazon sent me the proofs for the paperback of Book One: The Flirting Games and they look great so not long now until you can order a physical copy instead of / as well as electronical if you so wanted.

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Or buy Book One now at Amazon.com: The Flirting Games


Thursday, 9 May 2013

Sneak peak at a passage from More Flirting Games

More Flirting Games, Book 2 in the Flirting Series is out on Amazon 4th June 2013

As Rose laughed loudly and placed a paper crown on her head from out of her cracker, she happened to glance down the table and caught Leo looking at her.

He winked.

Rose quickly looking down, grinning at her plate. She felt so aware of him. She could still feel his eyes, she concentrated hard on the plate. It was daft but it made her feel wonderfully happy just because he winked at her.

“What are you smirking at?” Alex leaned over to examine the plate she had been staring at.

“I’m not smirking!” She replied still trying not to look at Leo.

“Yes you are, like the cat that stole the cream.” Jack joined in from across the table.

“Oh don’t be ridiculous!” She really didn’t want to draw anymore attention to herself. Bloody Leo. Perhaps she should get him back later somehow. At that moment Sherlock the kitten caused a distraction by jumping on the table to try and catch a spinning top. Bending her head again to her food she allowed her hair to swing in front of her face disguising her expression as she began to smile again.

Click this link to Book 1: The Flirting Games: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00C14KSH8

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Book 2: More Flirting Games Cover Reveal

I'm getting very excited now as we get close to the release date of book 2: More Flirting Games.  I've had a sneak preview of the cover of the new book and just thought I would share it with you :-)

The planned release date is 04 June 2013