Wednesday, 16 October 2013

It's nearly time! Plus another sneak preview

I've finished it! Book # 3, Further Flirting Games, is due for release this weekend!

And for a limited time Book  # 1, The Flirting Games, is now FREE at:

Here is another snippet from Book #3 as a little taster:

As Alex watched Diana recline on the cushions he could only think that Jack really did know everything about women, and that Jack had given him the best birthday present ever.
But what was he supposed to do now? He was fairly sure she had just given him his cue to kiss her, but he didn’t know how to start.
He shuffled awkwardly across the cushions to get closer to her. His knee slid into a gap and banged hard on the floorboards beneath him. He tried to ignore the pain and moved forward again. The cushion slid away from him and his glass tipped in his hand, cascading the wine over Diana.
“Oh hell!” He was utterly mortified.
Diana looked slightly annoyed. “If this is a ruse to ‘get me out of those wet things’ then I’m not going there.”
Alex cringed. “It’s not, I promise, I’m so sorry.” He swiped ineffectually at the droplets on her top.
“Do you mind?” She pulled away.
Alex looked at the floor, downcast. “I’ve made a proper mess of this, haven’t I?”
“Yes.” Diana began to look amused. “But as I don’t think I could do much better myself, I guess we will just have to work through it.”
Alex looked up hopefully. Diana put her own glass carefully to one side. “Come here, you clumsy idiot.”
Alex leaned in eagerly for the kiss he hoped she was offering. Too eagerly. Their teeth crashed and his glasses caught in her hair.
“Buggeration! This would never happen to Jack!” Alex retreated again, but his glasses remained in her hair. “I’ve totally spoiled the moment now. I’m so sorry.”
Diana laughed. “Stop apologising. Actually it’s quite sweet. It helps make me less nervous; I’m not exactly experienced at this sort of thing myself. It all seems so straightforward in books, doesn’t it? The hero and the heroine kiss and it’s like a fireworks display.”
“I think this is more like a damp squib,” Alex said forlornly. “You can leave if you want to, I don’t mind.”
Diana untangled his glasses from her hair and set them beside her wine glass.
“Look, let’s try again. Only this time a bit more slowly.”
They kissed, a very chaste kiss. Then they kissed again.
“Fireworks,” said Diana.
“Really?” Alex blinked at her in amazement.
“Really,” said Diana, “But not in here, over there.” She grinned as a rocket went off above them. The planned fireworks display had started at the other end of the garden.

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