Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Halloween, it's nearly here!!

It's October and I'm getting super excited already about my favourite (it's not spelt wrong, I'm just British) festival of the year, Halloween!

I know that in the US everyone dresses up in whatever costume they like but in the UK it is strictly a themed event. Bring out your dead! It's zombies, witches, vampires, ghouls and ghosties galore out for the night.

But it's also a great pickup night. How many sexy 'devils' are going to be running around town in tiny skirts and red horns waving their mini plastic pitchforks? A LOT!

I would like a quick recap of some of my favourites for flirting:

Ok, we all know vampires are hot. That's a no brainer. 

But Zombies are totally getting a look in with the release of recent living dead romance movies. I've definitely kissed a few in my time.

I might be in a minority with this one, but I really find Hannibal Lector kind of sexy. I saw a great one last year, the guy had on a blood stained t-shirt and a the grisly lector mask, that was the full extent of his costume. I think it helped that he had great muscles, but it worked for me!

Insane doctor is a definite vote winner for the good looking guy. All you need is a white lab coat, a stethoscope and bit of fake blood and you're going to be hounded by the girls wanting their heart rate checked.

The Grim Reaper. I love the mystery of the dark hooded figure. A must have costume if you don't feel comfy in skintight Lycra. He is such a dude (or dudette, lets not assume!)

Witches, they are definitely the most fun of the cute girl costumes, especially if you work the spiked heels and the black and white stripey tights.

I also adore that vintage Elvira look for girls. So retro chic. See picture below.

Hope some of that helps you get an idea, it's good to prepare in advance! All the best costumes go so quickly, I'm not the only one loving this festival!

Oh, I'm so hooped on Halloween, I'm going to write a novella especially I think. I'll try and get in all the die hard dead, undead, and dark characters I can think of...


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