Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Flirting Tip - Stalking

Excerpt from upcoming book : More Flirting Games (Book 2 in the Flirting Series) - due for release May 2013

Sophie and Fay were always flirting with boys. She could practice some of the moves she had seen them constantly use to get boys to notice them.

Fay, the more quiet and intellectual of the two, would develop the hobbies of those boys who took her interest. She would learn all about the subject and be able to impress if necessary. She would arrange ways to constantly be bumping into the boy until he thought destiny kept throwing them together. Rose would tease her that it was tantamount to stalking but it did actually seem to work with alarming regularity and Fay was regularly asked on dates. 

She thought about the stalker technique. She already shared his main interest of art. She was passionate about art and spent a lot of her spare time in the school art studio. It was only now that she was thinking about it that she realised that so did he. Other than that she couldn’t think of any thing else he did regularly in his spare time. Reading perhaps, could she see what he was reading? She tilted her head sideways to see into his lap. Oops! He caught her looking at him, and not his face! Damn. She pretended she had been bending down to pick up a piece of fluff from the floor. She would swear he had that smug smile on his face again though. She could feel it from several feet away. She tried to look focused on the board game.

Ok, she could find out what book it was later, and maybe get a copy and read it as well. What else could she do that Fay would do? Run into him more often. Well they in the same school house so they already had a lot of lessons together. How could she mastermind doing that if it already happened anyway? Hang on though, didn’t that mean she’d already got that one covered? Plus she could see him more in the common room, maybe first thing in the morning before anyone else was about, he was an early riser. But everyone knew that, so wouldn’t it be a bit obvious if she suddenly started getting up early and hanging out in the common room? Hmm, stalking was harder than it looked!

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