Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Finally pushed the button

It's really wierd but when you load your first book up onto Amazon using Kindle Direct Publishing, you expect to feel excited happy thrilled celebratory! Instead I felt sick and nervous.  I pulled it off and ammended it again four times before I could leave it there to finally bask in the glow of being available on the world wide web.

Then the sales started to trickle in and I began to wonder, who is reading it? The readers are nearly all in America, whereas I am English. Do Americans like my writing better than other English people?

I sat in fear awaiting my first review.  After nearly a week of being published I finally got a review in the UK, a wonderful 5 stars, but still nothing in the US.

Oh well, I'm thrilled anyone is buying it at all. Just got to get the next book done now!!

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