Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Flirting Tip - Body Language

An Except from upcoming book: More Flirting Games (Book 2 in The Flirting Series)
Due for release May 2013

Sophie and Fay were always flirting with boys. She could practice some of the moves she had seen them constantly use to get boys to notice them.

Sophie was more outgoing and used a lot of loud laughter and hair flicking to attract boys to her side. Sophie said she enjoyed the game of flirting so much that she went off a boy as soon as it actually seemed to be going anywhere. However Rose knew that this was really because the only boy she was remotely interested in was Jack and all others were just practice till the day he noticed her.

She thought about the Sophie's techniques and she pondered on what Sophie would do. Ok, it didn’t require anything but him being in the same room. She wound a lock of hair round her finger as she had seen Sophie do when flirting. She played with it for a while slowly. Was he looking? She couldn’t check or he might see.
At that moment Alex made a funny comment about Jack’s intellectual powers as Jack dropped the lead piping in the game. Rose laughed loudly and tossed her hair back.

He was bound to be looking over now. What should she do next?

Ah ha! Sophie’s ‘I’m interested in you too’ double glance. There was a masterpiece of body language, which she well remembered Sophie teaching her.

The trick was to look up, see a boy looking at you, and then look down and smile. If you looked to the left or right then it said “I’m not interested” so it was important to look down. Hold the eyes down and smiling pose for 2 seconds then look back up at him again. Hold his gaze for maybe three seconds, which is too long for it to be meaningless, and keep smiling to make yourself seem friendly and approachable. Then turn back to your friends, more laughing and hair flicking, then time about 5 minutes for him to get the nerve up to come over. Sophie swore it never ever failed.

Rose looked up. What were you supposed to do if he wasn’t looking at you?
As if he felt her eyes he did suddenly look up only to catch her looking at him! Damn damn! She was doing this all wrong. She smiled and looked down. One – two. She looked back up just as Helena came into the room. Leo was looking at Helena.

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