Thursday, 18 February 2016

The cats take over the blog -

It's official, I'm hopeless at blogging, my cats on the other hand, seem pretty determined to use the computer, so I've decided that from now on they can make sure that a blog goes out a little more regularly. I've checked with them and both Sherlock and Dr. Watson are very interested in having a go. So let's see how they do! Over to the cats:

Dr. Watson: I don't want to go outside, it's cold and wet, I don't like spring!

Sherlock: But at least Mistress keeps the heating on when she's working.

Dr. Watson: She should work more and spend less time doing laundry, the washing machine is disturbing my sleep. I notice that she procrastinates when she has a deadline.

Sherlock: I concur with your observation. Perhaps if we moved off the keyboard she would get more work done?

Dr. Watson: Oh, very well, I'm certainly looking forward to the new Vampire books, do you think I'll be in one of them this time?

Sherlock: Probably not, cats don't like Vampires do they? I was thinking of running a competition to see if anyone could find the book that has me in it? Perhaps for a free paperback copy of the box set edition, let's see if anyone comments with an answer.

Dr. Watson: Now you're just showing off, move over. Hey, where's my picture?

Sherlock: You can be the star of the next one.

Dr. Watson: Oh, alright then. Ooh the heating has just come on, she must be about to start work at last! Last one to the radiator is a cotton-tail...

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