Saturday, 27 February 2016

Dr Watson puts his paw in

Hi folks, Dr Watson, the tabby cat, here. My turn to do a blog take-over. Sherlock is out howling at the moon or something (it's full-moon here), so I'm master of the lap and trying to help my mistress come up with a snazzy line to encapsulate the power of the Spear of Destiny for the second book in the Vampires and the Holy Relics Series. 

Have you seen the movie Constantine? I have, at least three times, because the humans in this house seem keen on Urban Fantasy. There's a line in the film that says "He who possesses the Spear of Destiny holds the fate of the world in his hands." So we need something just like that, but not the same obviously.

Any ideas? I have a few but they are being ignored as they all contain prophesies about cats taking over the planet. 

Maybe something like: He who holds the spear hold destiny in his palm

Except I think it should be paw not palm.

Apparently there's a free Stella Wilkinson signed paperback of your choice in the offering if you can come up with the one that gets used in the book. Like a competition thing... So please do leave your thoughts in the comment box or on the website , Oh and if you do go to the site, check out the cover for this book in the "Coming Soon" section, the designer did a pretty fab job of it.

That's all for now, I've got some cheese to steal (I love cheese)
Dr W


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