Tuesday, 15 July 2014

New website up and running!

Finally I have gotten around to making my website live! It seems like I've been humming and hawing forever about how I want it to look, but I've been asked so many times recently whether or not I have a website that I just thought I'd better get on with it and finish it!

Any ideas for improvement will be received with cheerful consideration, as with all things, it is a living document and open to changes. Have I missed something out? Was there something you particularly wanted to see or to know that I've omitted? You can now use the Contact page to let me know!  :-)

Now, I have spent enough hours on this when I'm supposed to be writing, so I'd better get back to my current work in progress, but I hope you will all stop by often to see updates, to check on forthcoming releases, or just to catch up with me.

Best wishes!

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