Monday, 7 July 2014


What is Nanowrimo? It stands for: National Novel Writing Month (I think).

I first did this in 2012 and using Nanowrimo I wrote the first draft of The Flirting Games, which now gets hundreds of downloads a day on Amazon, this then encouraged me to write several more in the same series. Of course at the end of my first Nanowrimo, I did only have a very rough draft and it required quite a lot of polishing, but it was a great starting point.

Nano usually runs in April, July and November, and this month I have decided to participate again. The task is basically to write a novel in a month. They recommend a word count of around 50,000 and you get lots of encouragment and support to reach your target.

I have been a little wimpy, what with a ton of family commitments to consider as well, and have set my own word count goal of 25,000.  (They let you set whatever you like and it still works the same). I think 25k will give me a decent novella, and who knows, maybe later I will expand it.

My plan was that if I could write 1000 words a day then I should in fact finish early! (Especially as July is a long month anyway), but it never happens in reality does it. We are now on Day 7 and I have written just under 5000 words.

But it's a wonderful incentive, it really focusses you to write, and I recommend to anyone reading this that thinks they might like to write a novel, that they give Nano a go, just for the fun of it, because you never know!

Also I have been put in a brilliant cabin (the format is like an online summer camp for writing), which is really chatty and full of other writers giving each other inspiration and encouragment.

You are also encouraged to load up a blurb, a title and a cover if you have one, which I think is a great motivator as well, because once you have those things, the book begins to feel real.

So here's what I'm doing this month:
Title: Romancing the Stove

Blurb: When Paige gets assigned to help typical lad, Harvey, with passing Home Economics, they struggle to get along. Gradually though, he begins to be seduced by her cooking if not by the subject itself.

And here is the cover!

So keep your fingers crossed for me finishing it this month, and look out for this book joining my others on the online shelves in the near future :-)

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