Friday, 19 July 2013

My Characters Have Taken Over!

Any of you who have read either The Flirting Games or More Flirting Games will know that each book has a main couple who are the focus of the story but also some secondary characters who have their own romances developing or failing in the background as well.

I'm currently writing book 3 in the series, Further Flirting Games, and the main characters are Grace and Ben.  But their story just isn't inspiring me! Instead I find that Gabriel and his two possible love interests (current stunning older girlfriend, Vanessa, and sweet young Flora who is trying to get noticed) are taking over the book as a main story line and a small character named Beatrice is suddenly becoming the real star of the whole show.  Poor Grace and Ben aren't getting a look in! That doesn't even account for Sophie and Jack who I adore but haven't even started to write their scenes.

What do I do? Do I rework the whole book around what I have written and forget about the previous main character? Or do I scrap it and force some flirting between Grace and Ben (who don't appear to be connecting at all right now)? Or do I write it with multiple main characters and let all of them have free reign? Or will that ruin it? Sigh.......

If there are any readers out there who have followed the secondary characters, then do tell me, do you care about them? Are you interested in why Gabriel is so cold and haughty? Are you bothered about whether Sophie gives Jack another chance.  Do you even remember who Grace and Ben are? Do you care about a shy plump girl who goes from being a nobody to popular somebody?

The new characters are running riot over the page and have even written their own back stories. Beatrice keeps a diary and wont stop commenting in it. Why is she making me write it? Would anyone care about her insecurities or should she just get on with winning over the boy and getting that perfect kiss?

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