Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Why your Best Friend is your Best Asset!

If you like someone then the quickest and most effective way to get noticed is to have your best friend chat up their friend.

You need a loyal bezzie who doesn't mind how she is seen by these boys, because the trick is not that she goes for his closest friend, but that she goes for his least attractive friend.

We call it "Chatting up the Ugly Mate".

It is extremely effective.  The cute boy will then want to talk to you for two reasons:

1. Because you are hopefully automatically left together talking whilst your friend flirts with his friend and
2. Because he is hopefully a nice guy, and therefore really pleased to see his unattractive friend getting a bit of attention and so he will talk to you in the hope that your friend continues to be nice to his friend

Of course it doesn't work if he isn't nice, but then you shouldn't want him,  and it doesn't work if your friend isn't willing to look like she's interested in a munt, but if not then she isn't a very good friend.

Oh, and you have to be willing to do the same for her!

So get dressed up, make sure you both look killer.  Then go and find some lads. If you definitely like one of them then check out the rest of the group. One of them is bound to look like a welders bench.  Stand really near by then have your BFF turn to the ugly one and say something that will start conversation.
Suggestion: Wow, you look just like that guy from the chewing gum advert, are you him or do you have a brother?
Chances are he will be flattered and ask what advert, and voila they are chatting.
You can stand and look bored for a minute, then go over and say "Can I chat to you whilst my friend talks to your friend? I feel like an idiot standing on my own."
You may not need to say anything at all.  If it is just the two of them out then he would have been left talking to you anyway.

Boys do this all the time, it's called having a Wing Man, but they never think it through the right way round, in boy world you approach the pretty girl first and leave your wing man stuck with the ugly mate.   Our way is much more sneaky and manipulative, but definitely much better! :-)

Give it a try and let me know how it goes

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