Friday, 1 March 2013

How much to show...

Leg or Breast?  That's often a question I have discussed with my friends.  I prefer to go for a bit of cleavage, then it's right there if you are chatting to Mr Handsome.  Also I have reasonable size breasts, but not too big to have to play them down.  (Anything larger than a D, then DON'T go for Cleavage).  But my best friend is quite tall and she has really long legs.  From a distance (like across the room in a party or a club) her legs will attract much more attention than my cleavage.

The only tip I can really give on this is that either is great, a bit of skin will reel them in, but never go for both!  I'm very serious about this, if you have a low cut top and a high cut skirt you look trampy.  I know trampy can get attention, but it's never attention you want in the end, and it will not hold the attention of anyone worth having.

Which are you and why?

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