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Teen Flirting Tips

Disclaimer: I didn't write this, it was sent to me by a fan who asked if I would consider using it, and of course I am happy to put it on my blog as the subject is relevant. I have not changed anything and none of these words are mine or edited by me. Stella x

(Though I did get a good laugh when I found this flirting gif and just had to insert it!)


Teen flirting tips by Linda Wright

The first and foremost step while initiating any advance towards a person whom you’d like to flirt with is to get to know that you have got their attention and to make sure that they know you have got an eye on them. As difficult as it may sound, it actually isn’t that tedious of a job. All you have to do is to make a proper eye contact. It doesn’t have to be a long uninterrupted gaze sort of act rather a subtle and multiple eye contacts followed by a subtle smile might just work. In all the settings, it is a rule of thumb to keep it smooth because as these situations might act up towards something more firm similar and rather greater are the chances of such advances backfiring resulting in making the other person conscious of your actions.

Once a proper conversation setting is set up, next comes the step of establishing and maintaining a good flow of conversation. The topic of which does not always have to be you or the other person. It can literally be anything, but the important part is to keep on doubling back and coming to the point where you pass a smooth remark to appraise them or just to let them know that you are interested in them as well. This can be in the form of a compliment towards their outlook, and particular habit or something that they said earlier. A good sense of humor is a plus and essentially a must in some par difficult situation when the other person is hard to get. While using sense of humor, keep it low key. It does not always have to be a joke. One can always act dumb and let themselves become the target of some situation going on and hence become a way of the other person to chuckle. Overdoing humor always kills the whole thing.

In the last but not least is the body language that one uses while flirting with the other person. Expression of interest as mentioned earlier is essential and it has to be maintained by your verbal language and body actions. One has to be a good listener and an active one. Express your interest in everything that they say. Sit while facing in their direction. Lean forward while saying something to them and try to speak in the same tone as they are. The ups and downs of voice can also come handy in situations that are not paying much attention to your conversation. Hand gestures are crucial and must be dealt with carefully. A lot of movement might just kill the whole thing as the other person will be busier judging your fidgeting leg or the swaying hand then in the conversation itself. Make appropriate physical contact but not too much. A brush of hand against their arm or a gentle poke might just do the trick in most of the occasions. No matter what manner you chose to flirt, the important thing is to be yourself. It is only then that you can flirt as well as keep yourself in a happy zone as well otherwise it might just come off as a job which one is not always in the mood to pull off.

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