Monday, 22 December 2014

I'm missing Constantine! (the TV Series)

I just wondered, am I the only one having Constantine withdrawal?

They give you a new show, you get completely and utterly hooked, and then what happens? It didn't air on Saturday (here in the UK) as expected... I spent the entire evening tapping my kindle trying to make it update, but oh no, it turns out that there is a break until mid-January!! How rude is that?

He's currently lying in a sewer, shot and bleeding out with a ghoul from hell about to feast on him, and I'm left drumming my fingers like a base double beat for three weeks?? NOoooooo!

I just can't say enough good things about this show. Season one is just over half way through and I can see it's going to have a massive cult following. Move aside Angel, Scoot over Supernatural, What-evs Warehouse, there's a new king in cult town and he is seriously sexy.

This show is dark. Dark, like I actually got a bit spooked out watching it on my own. Some properly scary moments kept me on the edge of my seat. These characters are only from Episode one, and the show doesn't really hit it's stride until Episode three at the earliest

 Yet it's funny too. Real humour! Fantastic one liners that will be quoted for years, and the eye-rolling of Constantine at things like angels (flap off!) made me giggle out loud. And amusing things that catch the eye in the background like this sign behind him.

 Oh, and there's plenty of sci-fi trivia for us geeks, things alluded to, little quips about other characters from the comics that kind of thing. Even a mention of other dimensions to account for the film. And stuff for the spotters (hidden easter eggs), like the helmet of Doctor Fate, which Liv picks up, and John tells her "I'd put that down before it puts you down." In fact, according to this website there are 17 Easter Eggs just in Episode One

There is an excellent cast for this series too. Matt Ryan looks better than he ever has as John Constantine, and the current female lead, Zed, is one of those women that men want and other women still really like. (Not to mention most of her wardrobe, which I really really like!)
Check out these two urban gothic items (both from Free People fyi)

The woman originally cast to play opposite Constantine was Liv, who was basically written out after episode one in favour of Zed. I could totally see the reasoning behind that; there just wasn't any sexual chemistry between them. I don't know why, I guess sometimes it just works and sometimes it doesn't. But with Zed it is definitely there!
You can check out the body language in this picture, but I confess it was really just an excuse to put in a pic of Matt with his shirt off, sorry!

Although, actually, his chemistry is fairly hot with almost every woman he comes accross, even nuns

And for those in the know, the comic book version of Constantine is in fact bisexual, so maybe there is even a hint of flirtation with the other guys? I'll leave that up to you to decide.

Anyway. This new series is the perfect blend of dark and scary with plenty of humour, an excellent cast and a fantastic premise. The storyline needs fleshing out though, you can tell they have only one season planned right now, which is truly terrifying - how could they get us so hooked with no promise in the bag for more? I think I'll go into melt down if they don't and write it myself! That's the problem with being an author, when you see something this good you just want to take over and start writing scripts, or even fan fiction, just for another hit of Constantine!

 Oh well, now I've got that off my chest. I can go back to my current work in progress, Solstice Magic & Mayhem, which might come out a lot darker than previously intended since I've been loading my subconscious up with all these demons... lol

Do check out books one and two in the series, and drop me a line with any comments on them or, of course, on Constantine  :-)
Stella x
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 And keep a look out for the next one, isn't my newest cover fabulous?

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