Monday, 14 April 2014

Cover Reveal! Werewolf Magic and Mayhem

Book One - Halloween Magic & Mayhem ( ) was a fun Halloween novella about sixteen year old Emily Rand, and the chaotic and amusing consequences of her first night of being a witch.

Following on from the success of that book and bowing to your requests for more from Emily and her Familiar, Bob; I have written a full length sequel.

Werewolf Magic and Mayhem - Due for release 22 April 2014

So here is the much awaited cover! Find the blurb below and don't forget to check out Book 1 first if you're interested.

Werewolf Magic & Mayhem

New witch Emily Rand and her crow Familiar, Bob, are back for another bout of magical mayhem. Emily is approached by a werewolf called Fletcher who wants her to cure him of his affliction. Despite her lack of experience, Emily decides to try to help Fletcher. Unfortunately her spells aren’t known for going according to plan, and Emily accidentally divides Fletch from his handsome human body and brings forth his inner wolf in a very real sense. Now she has to find a way to put it right by the next full moon or Fletcher will be stuck as a wolf forever. A Paranormal - Comedy - Romance novel from best selling young adult author Stella Wilkinson.

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