Saturday, 1 June 2013

The Flirting Games - FREE FOR 3 DAYS ONLY

Hurrah! Book 2 in Flirting Series went live on Amazon today

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Synopsis: Rose Falcon’s parents had a very good reason when they asked her to stay away from Leo Flanagan, a boy in her year.  And for five years Rose managed to keep her distance from Leo. But in her sixth year at Compass Court Boarding School she seems unable to escape the attraction flaring between them. Perhaps no one need ever know.  They could date in secret and just let the relationship run its course.  But Leo has reasons of his own for wanting to keep their relationship a secret, reasons he won’t share with Rose, but they all seem somehow related to the beautiful Diana Carmel. It’s a relationship clearly doomed to failure, they should go back to staying away from each other, if they could just stop kissing!

And to celebrate - The Flirting Games (Book 1) will be free to download for three days! So get a copy right now!

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